11 days. Praying that her short life would not have been without purpose, we were compelled to care for other children like Cosette. By the provision and grace of God we opened Cosette’s Hope Children’s Home with just two children in July 2005.

CHCH now houses nineteen awesome little kids! Other than our staff and a few schoolmates, we are the only ones who know these children not as a collective group of nameless children, but as individual people. We know their smiles, their laughs, their voices, their personalities. As much as we can be, we are Mommy and Daddy. These children cannot be adopted, and for the foreseeable future they will call CHCH home.

Our ministry provides every basic need for these children: shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, and a safe and nurturing environment in which to live, grow, play and laugh. All of this is bound up in the love of Christ and the love of our family and staff.

Mary was one of the first children to call CHCH home. Nothing was known of her history; her parents had either abandoned her or were deceased. The one clue to her past would also dictate her future: three year old Mary was HIV +.

Covered with chicken pox which had been daubed with a violet colored medication, her head completely shaved, she was mistaken by us for a boy at our first meeting.

She had never been in car before, and by time she made the four hour car trip from Phnom Penh to our remote town, she had endured several bouts of car sickness and vomiting. She was terribly sad to look at, and sadder still were her terrified and confused sobs as she found herself in a house full of strangers.

Mary Grace studyingFor days she did not smile, but she soon discovered that we meant only good for her, and by the end of the first week she was smiling and playing happily. Slowly her hair began to come in, slowly the chicken pox faded.

Now, almost five years later, her husky laugh has become a familiar sound, and she is, by far, the most playful child at CHCH. Whenever our van pulls up to the gate of the CHCH facility, we can hear her happy screams as she runs to greet us. She is healthy, strong, mischievous…and loved!

We are earthen vessels; we love imperfectly. Pray that His love would be poured into us, overflowing into the lives of these children as we strive to meet their physical, emotional, educational, social, and spiritual needs.

Please visit our Cosette's Hope Children's Home (CHCH) website and see how you can Get Involved; perhaps you would like to Sponsor A Child, Pray and/or Donate to our ministry.

“My strength is perfected in weakness…”

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Our primary ministry at this time is Cosette’s Hope Children’s Home (CHCH). CHCH is home to 19 Cambodian children, 11 girls and 8 boys.

In August 2004 our family was touched by the life of a newborn whom we named Cosette. She was 8 days old, 2 ½ lbs., HIV+, and had been abandoned by her mother at birth. We sought to bring Cosette into our family’s home, but before arrangements could be made, she died at only


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